Pinto Bean Seasoning


For the best bowl of pinto beans you’ve ever tasted, give Albert’s Pinto Bean Seasoning a try!


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Legendary in Harrison County, Texas, for Four Generations, Albert Agnor's chili recipe won the 1976 Terlingua Chili Cook-off.

Now you and your friends can experience this sensation of true Texas-style beans from Agnor's recipe:

Albert Agnor's Pinto Beans
2 lbs dry or fresh pinto beans.  Wash and soak overnight.  Put in boiler or slow cooker and cover with water.  Add ham hock or salt pork.  Stir in the contents of this package and cook until the beans are tender, approx. 8 hrs in slow cooker.

Ingredients: Spices, onion*, garlic*, sugar, salt, paprika and spice extractive (for color). *Dehydrated

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